Phorum has moved to Github

Long time, no post :).

Effective by today Phorum has moved to GitHub (
That means that our code repository was converted to git (I’ve had to use svn2git as the github-internal import didn’t pick up our tags and branches) and the trac tickets were imported to github issues (I wrote my own php script for that because none of the two existing scripts worked for me. Somehow they all barfed at some broken charset characters from trac or didn’t take the api request limit from github, 60 requests per minute, into account. So I wrote my own script which was taking like 3 hours to import our 900 tickets but was a breeze to implement with the well documented github api – and its php library ;-)).
The issues in github don’t support attachments yet which means that only the comments are ported over – and a link back to the trac install is provided.

One missing part is the wiki import but I’ll see what I can use of the old data.
Also our release scripts aren’t changed yet but I’ve got to see if they might just stuff the generated docs into the tagged release as github creates tarballs / zip archives from the existing tags already. Now we’d just need to download and put them on too ;-).

It took me a while to get my local development environment to work with git but a first commit to our 5.2 branch is done now, so that actually works. Working with branches in git made my head hurt but as long as works I don’t really mind. I’m currently evaluating phpStorm for my development work which has internal github and git support and seems to handle that in an accessible way without having me to look into the internals of git too much.

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  1. Philip on

    I hope this will inspire some more people to develop phorum further. I’ve been using phorum on my website for years, but recently there haven’t been many updates, so I’m a bit concerned if I should move to another forum software. But this would involve a lot of work, besides I like phorum…

  2. ts77 on

    No worries. We haven’t abandoned Phorum and we are working on improving it further.
    But from time to time life just keeps us from doing the things we’d like to do ;-).

    • Philip on

      Glad to hear that. Anyway, thank you so much for your hard work!

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