MySQL in Gentoo …

Merely as a note to myself I just looked around the Gentoo bugtracker to learn about the current state of MySQL in Gentoo.
So far I found two related bugs:
About 5.0.x

What I learned from this bug:
Recent dev-db/mysql versions contain most of the percona patchsets already (neat!). Dunno about xtradb so far.
Latest in tree is 5.0.84 which I’m trying on a backup system now (even though is marked as ~x86/~amd64 aka testing.

About 5.1/5.4
5.1 is going to be put into dev-db/mysql too (not in dev-db/mysql-community as it was before because of the changed development model)
Quoting Robin Johnson:

“I intend to issue a package move after we’ve had a few versions >=5.0.83 in stable, but there is no further need to make new -community ebuilds.”

So there will be 5.1.x in tree once some more recent 5.0.x versions were released as stable. Latest stable mysql version in tree is 5.0.70.

Seems like he’s also keeping back because of some more breakage in earlier 5.1 versions.
As another quote:

“I’m aware that 5.1.30 is out. However it’s still in bad bad shape. […] It certainly ate some of my data when I tested it.”

For the topic whats keeping them from stabilizing later mysql (> 5.0.70) versions I found some quote from Robin Johnson too (who seems to be THE mysql maintainer in Gentoo):

My most defining test for putting MySQL builds in the tree has been that it
passes both of the following:
1. Passes it’s own testcases (upstream has been atrociously bad at this, see
status2 in 5.0.72 for example)
2. It doesn’t eat my data or break my systems.

#1 is pretty easy as a start point, seeing if it works.
#2 is a lot tougher:
– 5.0.70 is the best option for now.
– 5.0.72 breaks most of the statistics code out there really badly (I filed
upstream bug 41131) – changes to SHOW behaviour as well as the ‘Questions’
Having upstream do sane releases is part of why there has been so long between
my 5.0.x bumps, because they haven’t passed my personal testing.

So far its mostly general stuff and I don’t know if MySQL-5.0.x still doesn’t pass its own testcases or anything. I couldn’t find more detailed stuff in the bugtracker.

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  1. Nicholas on

    I came across this post from one of the bugs referenced in the post during my own quest to find a way to get the 5.1.x series of MySQL the Gentoo way, whether an overlay or in the main tree. I thought I’d rehash my post in the forum topic linked below in case anyone else comes across your post on a similar quest.

    # vi /etc/layman/layman.cfg

    add overlay:

    # layman -L
    # layman -a go-mysql
    # echo “dev-db/mysql” >> /etc/portage/package.unmask
    # emerge -C virtual/mysql dev-db/mysql
    # cd /usr/portage/distfiles
    # wget
    # emerge mysql

    The ebuild is looking in the wrong place for the src, thus the manual fetch for the time being. However, this is the latest GA source as of this post.

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