Nginx, finally!

Seeing the notice that the license on my Litespeed webserver is expiring again (yearly payments 😦 ) I finally started to move my sites to nginx (together with a move in datacenters so that webserver configuration was to be done anyway).
There were some more webservers in the run but I ended up with nginx.
Some others, lighttpd (got a bit silent over there and I don’t want to put my sites on a dying project), cherokee (now even with a webinterface!, but documentation is a bit sparse and the latest release seems inconsistent with the configuration – I simply couldn’t find out to do what I wanted to do) and the original Litespeed webserver.
In the end I wanted to come back to an open source webserver which doesn’t lock me in like that.
LSWS had some regressions in the last versions and one always has to wait for the developer team to fix them (even though they are quick) as no one else can dig into the code and also no one can write modules or enhancements because of the closed source.
Also there were some features which are now only available in the enterprise (aka paid) version which I don’t want to be forced to use forever. Also in the last year(s) its simply more directed to hosting companies or similar which are using native httpd.conf files and not doing the configuration in the webinterface they are offering. Some features are even only working with using httpd.conf entries.
Oh and the free version doesn’t offer x86-64 versions therefore I needed compat libs.
Therefore better do the cut now and use something else.
Nginx has the fastcgi loadbalancing I want, rewrite rules, great configurability and a very active community (and developers).
The only thing I’m really missing there is the possibility to use .htaccess files which forced me to search for the .htaccess files and turn their rules into native nginx configuration entries. Oh, one feature I forgot, reloading the configuration without doing a full restart of the webserver is neat too :).
All issues I had could be quickly solved by either searching the maillist archive or posting there.

Don’t get me wrong. I still recommend LSWS to users who want to have an easy to use webserver with great performance as a drop in replacement for Apache supporting most of the previous features out of the box but its simply not for me anymore.

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