The next steps for Phorum

Now that Phorum-5.2 has finally gone stable there will be hopefully some better modules as the possibilities have been vastly increased. One of the new modules for 5.2 which show quite some of the abilities is the rewritten user-avatar module for 5.2.
With modules you can use now (not everything is new in 5.2!!!):

  • use a supported API for files, users, custom profile fields and similar stuff
  • ability to hook the module-css into the css loaded by phorum for valid (x)html pages and not loading it separately (saving requests)
  • ability to hook the module-javascript into the javascript loaded by phorum for … see above 😉
    (both can use raw files, templates, functions for including it)
  • can do database calls without writing database dependent code (could still be because of the queries themselves)
  • use module-templates which are included in the module itself, no need to copy them to the template folder(s)
  • language files in the modules themselfes
  • adding controlcenter panels without copying files around

Also our module list for 5.2 is now auto-generated from the modules posted into the 5.2-modules forum in the right format.
Make sure to add categories too as listed in the docs!

So, now that we (could) have better modules, whats next?

Dan Langille has been working on a postgresql-layer for 5.2/5.3 which will probably be included in one of the later 5.2 release as a beta of this layer.
The next big release will be Phorum-5.3. Our plan for Phorum-5.3 is “just” to add even more APIs, changing large parts of the backend without touching much of the frontend code.
Therefore templates from 5.2 should work without a hitch with 5.3. Maybe there will be added features missing in the old template but otherwise it will continue to work as before.
I know we made it hard for some admins with the switch from 5.0 to 5.1 and 5.1 to 5.2 but all these changes were done for flexibility in the templates and making them far more consistent and therefore easier to implement.
Some of the APIs will be about forum handling and similar stuff so that you can build a new admin or an admin in another page far easier than before.
As usual you can see the tickets on the table for 5.3 in our ticket-list (from the 5.3-milestone).

And further in the future?
There is lots and lots of stuff in the ever growing Ideas-milestone.
We’ll see if any of this will see the light in 5.3 already or in a later release but we surely won’t get bored ;-).
I’m pretty sure that lots of stuff will be done at the MySQL Conference 2008 like last year where we’ve been coding and presenting there with lots of feature tickets closed for 5.2. You can help us to get there with donating to!

2 comments so far

  1. zbigpigula on


    I’ve been reading this board for quite a long time. Recently, firefox tries to stop me from visiting – it says that this website is infected.

    Can you do something about it?

    Thanks in advance

    • ts77 on

      Which forum and where?
      If its not a forum run by us, then only the site owner can do something about it.

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