The editor of choice …

… yeah, everyone got his own idea of which editor he should or would use – thats the freedom of choice ;).
Brian loves his jedit, Maurice uses his VI (and can’t live wout vi-bindings and -code-folding) and I, I’m just going with the masses ;).
Currently I’m using Eclipse/PDT, coming right from the Zend IDE/Studio.
There were quite too many bugs in the current Zend Studio which I couldn’t live with (no, I don’t want to restart the IDE every half hour just because it forgets to show the content of the files) and PDT was just on its way to get to a final 1.0 so I used it.
Coming from Zend Studio its easy to use and for missing features in the IDE you can simply install some eclipse-extension – thats the power of using a generic IDE.
One thing I’m missing in PDT in relation to the Zend Studio is the line wrapping. There simply is NONE in Eclipse. Guess it was to teach coders to write 80cols code ;).
But for now I HAVE code which is far longer than 80 or even 160 cols and I don’t want to scroll around or reformat if I’m looking at a longish condition.

I also tried jEdit, Kommodo or the likes. I for one really want that project handling with function lists for the project, the possibility to just select a function and jump to its definition, having the comment of the function shown in a tooltip when using/typing it. Thats what I expect from an IDE.
Yeah, I know. These huge java apps can get slow sometimes but at least we got something to use our CPU’s for, eh? 😉


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  1. Panu on

    jEdit has Project management plugins, php parse plugins, source completer (also for other languages than php). php debugging is not that easy to setup though. There’s even a new SVN plugin which I don’t currently/yet use, so I can’t say how good it is compared to others. I use TortoiseSVN for SVN.

    So I’m a jEdit guy like Brian… 🙂

    It even looks cool with the new beta java sdk look.

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