whats up with lighttpd?

Is it just me or has development on lighttpd slowed down in the last months?
Last commit July 25th ( trac-timeline ) which was for a release
which opened a couple of problems ( http://www.lighttpd.net/2007/7/24/1-4-16-let-s-ship-it, blog-entry ) and none of them are fixed until now.
Also there are tickets which are (at least for me) showstopper bugs like the mod_extforward breaking url-matches which is open for 3 months now and got no comment by a developer.
When I read the page from the original author I see lots of comments about mysql-proxy and I just hope that its a temporary thing instead of him switching his attention completely to something different.
On the other hand – modlogan died silently when Jan started developing lighttpd :(.

Lighttpd got nice attention as is even mentioned by netcraft in their webserver-statistics but it should still be actively maintained and all open bugs which are not feature enhancements should be fixed as soon as possible – if there are enough developers on the project left to do this.


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  1. Jan Kneschke on

    The 1.5.0 branch just got a bunch of patches for cleanup (bug fixes for uploadprogress, performances fixes, …) and should (finally) lead to a release in the next days or weeks.

    For 1.4.x we work on another bugfix release to sort out some recent regressions.

    Some comment on MySQL Proxy: It’s fun 🙂 I needed something else to get need ideas for a while, but lighttpd gets attention again.

    On modlogan: It was in a state where I mostly wanted to start from scratch and use the ideas to write it “the right way”. Most of the ideas went into lighttpd. The plugin system, the string-functions, … Without modlogan lighttpd wouldn’t be what it is. On the other side modlogan was left in a state where it is still useful for many users. It just don’t move on.

  2. ts77 on


    thanks for your reply adressing some of my concerns.
    Sounds great to see lighttpd pushed forward again.

    No offense meant about playing with something fun and interesting for a while – I just got worried as lighttpd seemed abandoned for a while (I know, its summer and holiday-time ;)).

    While we are at it:
    whats going to be done about the tickets in the lighttpd trac?
    638 open tickets!
    I guess the ones who will not be fixed should be closed/marked as wontfix, right? Otherwise its hard to see the real bugs, ongoing work there.

    Thanks for hard work on lighttpd (and modlogan and mysql proxy and … :)).


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