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whats up with lighttpd?

Is it just me or has development on lighttpd slowed down in the last months?
Last commit July 25th ( trac-timeline ) which was for a release
which opened a couple of problems (, blog-entry ) and none of them are fixed until now.
Also there are tickets which are (at least for me) showstopper bugs like the mod_extforward breaking url-matches which is open for 3 months now and got no comment by a developer.
When I read the page from the original author I see lots of comments about mysql-proxy and I just hope that its a temporary thing instead of him switching his attention completely to something different.
On the other hand – modlogan died silently when Jan started developing lighttpd :(.

Lighttpd got nice attention as is even mentioned by netcraft in their webserver-statistics but it should still be actively maintained and all open bugs which are not feature enhancements should be fixed as soon as possible – if there are enough developers on the project left to do this.

finally it has arrived: Phorum-5.2.0-alpha

It took quite some time but finally we made it and released phorum-5.2.0-alpha.
Brian already posted most of the new features in his blog .

One of the new things that don’t show up in the phorum-code itself are the revamped docs.
These are written in docbook-xml and are available (rebuild from trunk every hour) on
as html-docs
and pdf: admin.pdf , developer.pdf , faq.pdf and the still empty user.pdf .
Therefore I renew my plea for help in this area.
It would be really great if you could help us to improve the docs. Every little thing helps.
Send us questions (and answers) for faq-items, texts for the user-manual and so on. Just send it in as plain text, we will convert it to docbook if you don’t want to mess with it.
Email-address for all docs-stuff is (which will reply you at your first mail with a confirmation required).
If you want to play directly with the docs-source just checkout the trunk-tree as described in the wiki and look at docs/docbook in there.

Oh and before I forget: remember its alpha-quality. Don’t use it in production yet!