Blue screens and US-networks

So finally Maurice (who would see a link here if he had a blog ;-)) reminded be to talk about it … .

Finally we had our first Phorum-Developers meeting when we went to the MySQL-Conference last April.
Which was a great experience and I have to thank MySQL AB for the invitation to the DotOrg Pavilion.

But all the time there I have been hit by Blue Screens on my ThinkPad (yeah I know, bad to have Windows running but I think its still better with Windows on Laptops than Linux).
There must be something bad about US-WLAN-networks as I never had this problem before and only got it there when connecting to the Conference-WLAN.
Do they use some different channels or frequencies? I really don’t know as I just want to have a working connection.
Unfortunately it didn’t fix itself when coming back to Germany. I still had occasional crashes with the infamous blue-screen.
Only a full reinstall of the OS and all the precious applications helped.

So much about US-Wireless-networks :(.


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