So that is it …

… another blog from one of these web-guys.
Whats a web-guy? I see it more as developers active in the web-community or something like that or do you think thats something else?

Actually it was Brian who brought me to blogging and wordpress alltogether and therefore that title … ;).

At first, let me introduce myself:
Thomas Seifert from Berlin, Germany.
One of the three main-developers of Phorum.
My own project / “company” is which is also the cause why I ended up as Phorum-Developer as I’m using Phorum as the base application for the forum-hosting done there.
Other projects? Hmm, is one of them but there isn’t much traffic yet.
As you can see, all my web-projects are currently build with on PHP and MySQL and usually on Linux.
I know, there are a lot of other combinations possible but PHP/MySQL is IMHO the best combination ever.
You don’t have to worry about licensing costs when you start a project (just had that problem with a work project I’m involved in) and PHP allows for really rapid development and not coding weeks before seeing any result. MySQL is another problem though. Yeah, its fast and lean but it has changed much over the last couple of years (more about thatin another blog post later).


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