Charset hell (and mysql-upgrades)

Oh yeah, some people will remember me talking about charset hell when it wasn’t really that bad (yet).
But in the near future I will surely have to solve some charset problems for
It is still running MySQL-4.0.x which didn’t support charsets like MySQL-4.1 did and even more MySQL-5 is doing now.
But as MySQL-4.0 support has run out I really need to upgrade soon and then I’ll probably find myself in a lot of charset troubles ;).
First one will start with the upgrade itself. How will it look like after the upgrade? Default charset will probably be latin1 so it *should* be fine. But will it?
Beside that this upgrade is already some trouble as I will need to dump/restore the whole databases which are quite some GB’s and I hate to take the services down for some hours.

For now I’m finding enough excuses like I need to wait for Phorum-5.2 until I can upgrade but in the end I can’t do it all at once.
I still hope that Phorum-5.2 will still run on MySQL4 so that I can upgrade Phorum first and then convert to MySQL5 (for now I see no problems with that).
But Brian has announced that he doesn’t care about PHP4 and MySQL4 either as we are all developing on MySQL5 and PHP5.2 (which is correct, my development environment is like that too) – we’ll see what I can do about it ;).

Seems like I’m running a really explosive mixture with PHP4.4.x, MySQL4.0.x on my production boxes and doing development mostly on PHP-5.2.x and MySQL5.0.x.
Fortunately it seems like Phorum itself is not as vulnerable to changes in PHP itself as other apps because of its NON-OO-code and up to now we had always MySQL4 in mind as it was the requirement for Phorum-5.1 which is the current stable version.

Somewhen I’ll run into walls, thats for sure …


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