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Some Post-Conference information

So finally we are all back at home and at least I got the cold with all that flying around ;).

I guess its time now to tell a little bit more about how it went.

The exhibition hall itself, where we’ve shown and talked about Phorum, was open for just 2 days, tuesday and wednesday. We had a lot of people coming to our booth asking about phorum, what it could do, what it should do and what we are doing with dogs ;).
The most requested “feature” was easy user-integration for own systems.
Seems like we, or at least I, really underestimated that need.
I’d say around 50% of all people asking about Phorum were also asking for that feature.
Therefore I guess there wil be really some work put into it and I think Brian already does some work on it.
Isn’t it Brian? 😉

On the other hand we mostly used the time to stick together and get some stuff done on phorum.
Its really much easier to implement changes which might need discussions if you can just talk to each other about it instead of writing on irc or emails.
As you can see from the timeline ( ) and closed tickets ( ) there was quite some work done on 5.2, much more than I expected.

Just some (not complete at all) things that were done:
– large changes in search allowing searching for threads only and author and message text together (!)
– rewritten building of the threaded-list from a recursive function to an optimized non-recursive function which is more than 10 times faster(!)
– printable version of pages was finally put into emerald too
– banlist caching was implemented
– forum path is now built in the admin for easier functionality of the breadcrumbs navigation(s)
– modules can require a minimum phorum version now
– bugs in rss-feed script were fixed
– diff-like edit tracking was added(!)
– setting for requiring cookies was added
– pm-view doesn’t break anymore with lots of recipients
– first steps for adding api-tests and code coverage analysis were done (3.5% code coverage now ;))
– … lots of other fixes to the code.

I guess Brian and Maurice can add quite some more entries to that list.

Thanks to all users for making this possible and I think we will try to repeat that meeting in a shorter timeframe from now on ;).