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What the new year will bring …

Happy New Year everyone.

As there were no posts in the developer blog for quite some time I’m trying to post some random thoughts about phorum and what the year 2007 will bring for it.

We’ve all been quite busy and not been working too much on phorum in the last weeks but I hope that’ll change shortly.
For me personally the work-situation will not allow too much phorum-work until late february but I hope that at least Maurice (hopefully refreshed after his vacation ;)) and Brian (after the years end stress) will catch up and drive us forward.

I think we will see a fully refreshed phorum-5.2 with a brand new template, lots of caching (and hopefully more performance through that), many more docs and different doc formats (maurice has been working on that, we currently see additional html and pdf docs) and a lot of other smaller and larger changes and enhancements.

I’m really planning for it to get my own forums to 5.2 too :).

Good luck in 2007.